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DSCN2436.jpg DSCN2434.jpgThumbnailsCityStateTreasuries.jpgDSCN2434.jpgThumbnailsCityStateTreasuries.jpgDSCN2434.jpgThumbnailsCityStateTreasuries.jpgDSCN2434.jpgThumbnailsCityStateTreasuries.jpgDSCN2434.jpgThumbnailsCityStateTreasuries.jpgDSCN2434.jpgThumbnailsCityStateTreasuries.jpgDSCN2434.jpgThumbnailsCityStateTreasuries.jpg
On the left, above the small earthen wall, outside of this picture are the treasuries of the city states. Each city state had a monument where they could house the artifacts of a divine person that was important to their cultural heritage. The pedestals at the left, would have held the Zane statues (statues paid for with fines of people caught bribing or colluding). Each statue (16 in all) was engraved with the names of the guilty and the Slogan "Victory is to be achieved by speed of feet and strength of body not with money.". The arch ahead leads to the track where the games were held.