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The ancient Olympic Games, occurred every 4 years for over 1,200 years at the ancient complex in Olympia Greece. The only recorded competition during the first 13 Olympiad's, was a single foot race of 192m(640 ft or 1/8 mile). The winner of the first recorded race, was Koroibos, who was a cook by profession. Ancient Olympia, was also a sacred religious grounds, dedicated to the Olympian Gods, where thousands would make the pilgrimage to partake in its yearly religious festival. In 393 AD, the Christian emperor Theodosius I, forbade the celebration of pagan cults, which included the Olympic Games. In 426 A.D., Theodosius II ordered the Olympia complex destroyed. Earthquakes in 522 and 551 further devastated the ruins. Around 600 A.D., Olympia was covered by up to 24 ft (8 m) of sediment by a Tsunami that occurred in the Mediterranean. It was lost until 1776 when Englishman Richard Chandler, in search of antiquity items discovered it. In 1874, the Greek state signed an agreement with Germany for an archaeological exploration of the Olympia site. The German Archeological Society started excavation and have been working on it ever since.