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(location: Montenegro - Kotor) Kotor is a very important ancient port town in the fjord's of Montenego, very close to the Adriatic Sea. Carved out by a Glacier, now it has about 240 days of sunlight each year and it's climate is mild Mediterranean, plus all of that Fjord beauty. It's small but very nice. It has a long history of being fought over. Founded by the Roman's around the time of Christ, it was taken over by Bulgaria around 1000, who gave it to Serbia. From 1400 to around 1800 it was ruled mostly by the Venetian's, except a few times when the Ottomans had control. In 1797 the Austrian Habsburg's took control, then gave it to Napoleon who held it until it was occupied by Russian soldiers. The British navy then came in and took it. During WWII Italy Annexed it, until Tito the future founder of Yugoslovia liberated it from the Axis powers. When Yugoslovia dissolved, back to Serbia, then independent in 2006. Since it was fought often over, the fortress walls were extended and preserved for over 1000 years. Now it sports 4.5 km (3 mi) of very well preserved original fortress walls. Great for climbing and studying.